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Urban Glass is your glazing specialist. We have over 15 years experience in both residential glass and commercial glazing projects.
Burnaby Glass

Burnaby Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement Done Right

Windows are an integral component of any structure, and this applies to commercial and residential properties with equal significance. In addition to their primary function of allowing you to view outside the building, windows also have natural aesthetic value and help to regulate indoor temperature. Conventional glass that becomes compromised over time may fail to seal in warmth and prevent cold air entering from outside of the building. Burnaby has made Urban Glass their #1 choice for commercial glass repair and commercial glass replacement.

Having quality glass products installed for your commercial property is more affordable than most would think, and Urban Glass has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations in this regard for many years now. We specialize in commercial window replacement as well and can recommend the best products. Damaged or compromised windows do not always need to be replaced. We offer expert assessment of each window's structural integrity and provide commercial window repair as well.

How have we distanced ourselves from other commercial glass specialists in Burnaby? We believe it's our combination of experience, expertise, and commitment to quality work at fair prices and 100% customer satisfaction with every job. Further, we appreciate that your business property has significant value to the business itself. This prompts us to consult thoroughly with you throughout the entire process as a part of ensuring your needs and preferences are fully accommodated. Commercial glass repair and commercial glass replacement are significant parts of our business, and we take pride in the fact we do both very well. For commercial window replacement or commercial window repair, your property is in good hands with Urban Glass.

Professional Burnaby Residential Glass Repair and Replacement for One and All

No shortage of BC residents are puzzled when their home is decidedly chilly in the winter or sweltering in the summer despite the fact their central heating system or air conditioner is working properly. Windows and glass affect both very directly and Urban Glass performs residential glass repair and residential glass replacement very frequently for this reason. The majority of homeowners will agree that the glass in their home is important, and it’s no surprise that most homeowners will only trust residential window replacement to a reputable provider. Burnaby residents have made Urban that provider of-choice many times and our glaziers are experts with residential window repair too.

Cold and wet Canadian winters cannot be avoided, and the same goes for the hot days of summer. If suspicions exist about your home’s energy efficiency, contact Urban Glass and have them assess whether or not your windows are a contributing or primary factor. Residential glass repair is often a more cost-effective option, while in other cases replacing the glass is the better choice. Residential glass replacement can be the best course of action when there is a long-term focus on maintaining the home and its value.

Energy efficient-windows can be real performers when you want to effectively maintain a comfortably warm or cool home. It’s common for homes to have warmth or coolness to be lost through conventional windows that are no longer sound. Residential window replacement can be part of the solution to increasingly high home heating or cooling costs. Again, existing windows may still be have plenty of service left in them and only require residential window repair to some extent.

Expert Burnaby Window Repair and Replacement Guaranteed

Homeowner can take some initiative in finding out whether they may need window repair or window replacement. Here are some common indicators of inferior, defective or compromised glass products :

  • Inability to move the upper or lower sash of the window
  • Rotten or split muntins - the strips separating the panes of glass
  • A missing or rotting drip - the exterior shield above the top of the window
  • Loose, cracked, rotting or missing exterior casing (trim)
  • Missing or brittle putty that connects the glass panes to the muntins
  • Excessive water infiltration (leaking windows)
  • Cracked or broken glass

Identifying any of these may necessitate home window repair, home window replacement may be the only practical choice in more pronounced instances. Urban Glass has been providing quality residential and commercial glass service to Burnaby and other areas of the Lower Mainland for 15 years and counting. We truly are your best bet for window repair or window replacement and you can count on first-rate customer service paired with expert workmanship. Demand the best for your home window repair and home window replacement and demand Urban Glass.

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